One question that may come up first is how the network design process works. This is quite simple and can be broken up into four steps:

  • We ask what is needed in terms of service. For example, other than data, are a Voice over IP (VoIP) network, wireless or other features needed.

  • Next comes the site survey. We will visit your business and access the premises to help determine placement of equipment and network cable drops for computers in a new building. For an existing network, a site survey may still be recommended in the event new cable drops will be needed in your facility.

  • Then we recommend a network plan that includes the equipment and labor required to complete the project. Because every organization or business grows, this plan will be constructed in order to allow for future expansion of your network.

  • Lastly, we will install your equipment and cabling as recommended in your network plan.

You benefit from our corporate partnerships and software/hardware product expertise.

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